Dual-Fuel-Industrial Burner iRecu

Kueppers Solutions receives award for the “Circle of Excellence” of the German Future Prize

Jens te Kaat, Dan-Adrian Moldovan and Bernd-Henning Feller from Kueppers Solutions were officially included in the “Circle of Excellence” of the Deutscher Zukunftspreis yesterday, November 22, for the development of the iRecu dual-fuel burner. At a festive evening event, the…

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German Future Prize 2023: We are nominated!  

The joy in our team is great, because today Jens te Kaat, Adrian Moldovan and Bernd Feller were nominated for the German Future Prize for the development of the iRecu! This makes them one of three teams that have made…

CO₂-free heat treatment: first steps using the example of the Bilstein Group

Efficient heat recovery, maximum fuel flexibility and CO₂-neutral production – these words are music to our ears! And the best thing about it is that they have long since ceased to be castles in the air and have become tangible…

Technikzentrum Dortmund

Relocation of Kueppers Solutions

New start in Dortmund: Kueppers Solutions is moving

Mixing Unit iRecu

Process and operational reliability through proof-of-concept orders

In a mostly conventional industry, confidence in new technologies and products is usually limited. With our so-called proof-of-concept (POC) orders, we counteract this by minimizing the customer’s investment risk and creating at the same time confidence in the product. At…

Nomination for the Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry 2022

We were nominated! Another step in the right direction has been taken! Our iRecu has convinced the jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Frank Behrendt (head of the department “Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies of Renewable Energy” at the Technical…

Kueppers Solutions: Winner of the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment

We did it! It is with great pride and pleasure that we inform you that Kueppers Solutions GmbH won the coveted German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment. On Monday, 16.05.2022 we were allowed to receive the award at the…


Finalist for the German Gas Industry Innovation Award 2020

Together with the Gas- and Heat Institute Essen e. V., Kueppers Solutions GmbH is a finalist in the Research and Development category for the project “Additively manufactured recuperative burner system”.

Additiv gefertigtes repukera­tives Brenner­system

Additive manufactured recuperative burner system

Kueppers Solutions GmbH develops innovative solutions for industrial heat generation. The goals are the more efficient use or the substitution of conventional fuels as well as the improvement of emission values.

Effizienzpreis NRW 2019

Kueppers Solutions wins Efficiency Award NRW 2019

Kueppers Solutions GmbH from Gelsenkirchen wins the Efficiency Award NRW for a new mixing unit for gas burners manufactured using 3D pressure.