Nomination for the Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry 2022

iRecu ®
iRecu ® recuperative burner: the hot exhaust gas passes through the structure and transfers the thermal energy to the combustion air in counterflow (Source: Kueppers Solutions GmbH)

We are nominated!

Another step in the right direction has been taken! Our iRecu has convinced the jury chaired by Prof. Dr. Frank Behrendt (head of the department “Energy Process Engineering and Conversion Technologies of Renewable Energy” at the Technical University of Berlin) and is now one of the three nominated finalists in the category “Efficient Application Technology”.

On October 5th of 2022, at 3 pm we will present our project in the context of a Zoom Meetup. We cordially invite you to attend. You can register for the Meetup under the following link: Nominees – Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry

The Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry 2022

“With the Innovation Award, the German gas industry brings forward-looking energy concepts to the stage. The prize has been awarded every two years since 1980 and has already shown in the past the future potential of gaseous energy sources. The innovation prize is awarded to applicants who:

  • develop new, more efficient application technologies based on natural gas or green gases
  • implement particularly economical methods and processes for extraction, production, transport, storage and utilization
  • that do not shy away from combining renewable energies with existing efficiency technology and ensure careful use of natural resources
  • or that develop, advance and implement other excellent ideas and technologies for energy-efficient applications, conversion, transportation and storage solutions with high innovation content related to gas.”

The prize is awarded by a jury consisting of representatives from industry, trade media and associations of the German gas industry.
(Source: Innovation Award of the German Gas Industry).

Please find more information about our nominated product iRecu under the following link: iRecu® – Kueppers Solutions GmbH (

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us!