Our values

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We do our utmost to find the best solution. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. Quality and safety are the demands on our products and services. We work continuously on ourselves, our processes and our products.

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Your need for future-oriented solutions is the incentive for our development. To this end, we promote new ideas. Thinking beyond boundaries is not only allowed with us – it is desired! In doing so, we act in a solution-oriented and unbureaucratic manner, and in close exchange with our cooperation partners.

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We not only keep an eye on our customers, cooperation partners and employees, but also on the environment. Our planning and actions are geared to the economical use of our resources. The joy of working together and treating each other with respect determine our everyday life.

This is us

More than 10.000 plants on the market

In addition to the redesign of energy-efficient products, we focus on optimizing the 10,000 thermal process plants that are already running fueled by Küppersbusch burners. This helps us make an important contribution to the implementation of climate policy goals in Germany and Europe.

We concentrate on:

  • The replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, where technically possible.
  • The energy-optimized use of fossil fuels, where replacement by renewable energy sources is not possible.
  • lmproving emissions, regardless of the energy source.

Together with our customers, we want to make our contribution to the necessary reduction of CO2 emissions in particular and offer them solutions: The “Küppersbusch Fachbereich Wärmetechnik” becomes Kueppers Solutions.

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We are a system supplier

We manufacture customized burner systems and heat treatment plants for gaseous, liquid, pasty and solid fuels.


We lay out the fuel section belonging to the firing system with all necessary components in coordination with our customers and produce the section exactly matched to your plant.

When selecting the control system and components, we are happy to orient ourselves to your specifications. Alternatively, we can give you recommendations for long-standing and proven system partners. We then deliver and install the entire system and commission it on site – all from a single source and exactly tailored to your needs.


With our extensive know-how in the field of measurement, control and regulation (MSR), we design the best possible control technology for your system.


Our combustion plants are used worldwide and in all industrial sectors: Combined heat and power plants, chemicals, refineries, domestic and hazardous waste incineration plants, fluidized bed furnaces, paper and pulp industry, textile, food and luxury food industry, metallurgy, stone and earth processes, etc. From the idea to the developed solution to comprehensive customer service, we ensure the reliability and resource efficiency of thermal process plants.


Founding year of the company Küppersbusch

Our origins go back to the year 1875, the founding year of the Küppersbusch company. Initially, the founder of the company, Friedrich Küppersbusch, started the manual production of coal stoves and coal ovens in Gelsenkirchen-Schalke.


Küppersbusch grows rapidly

With over 2,000 employees, F. Küppersbusch & Söhne AG quickly grew into ``the largest special factory for cooking appliances of all kinds in Germany``.


high-performance burner

In 1946, the product range was expanded to include high-performance burners for industry, which were mainly used in the fast-growing coal and steel industry in the Ruhr area.


Welding electrode dryer

In 1975 we expanded our product range to include welding electrode dryers, which are used worldwide.


Teka Group takes over business operations

The Spanish Teka Group has taken over the business operations of today's Küppersbusch companies.


``Küppersbusch Fachbereich Wärmetechnik`` is hived off

This year, the Küppersbusch Heat Technology Division, which is responsible for the industrial generation of heat, was spun off from the Teka Group.

2016 bis heute

The Kueppers Solutions GmbH

In 2016, the current shareholders took over the ``Küppersbusch Heat Technology Division`` with the aim of repositioning the company and its products in the rapidly changing market for industrial heat generation. We will continue the tradition of continuous further development of innovative products. The ``Küppersbusch Heat Technology Division`` will become Kueppers Solutions.