Product description

Our new blower gas burner: SC stands for Smart Compressor.

The RooN-SC is an individually configurable blower gas burner, which covers a large control range with its frequency-controlled blower in addition to best exhaust gas values, without wasting electrical energy through an air flap. This means you not only save fuel gas, but also electricity. And all the other good reasons that all burners in the RooN series have in common apply to the new RooN-SC as well.

7 good reasons to choose a burner from our new RooN burner generation:

1. FUTURE SAFETY through best NOx and CO exhaust gas values

In tests with the Gas and Heat Institute in Essen, Germany, we have demonstrated that our mixing unit can be used to build burners with NOx values below 30 mg/Nm³ at 800 °C furnace chamber temperature. The CO values in the flue gas are below 20 mg/Nm³, even in processes where there is an increased risk of CO formation due to low furnace chamber temperature. We achieve these values without secondary measures, such as the injection of urea into the exhaust gas, known as Ad Blue, SCR or SNCR, which is common in the automotive industry. Although secondary measures clean the exhaust gas of nitrogen oxides, they always cost additional resources. We make sure that nitrogen oxides do not even occur in the first place.

2. COMPATIBLE to many burner series available on the market

In the field of industrial burners, certain dimensions and sizes have become established across manufacturers. We orient ourselves on these sizes. Similar to replacing a light bulb with an energy-saving lamp, many burners in existing systems can therefore be replaced without having to replace the entire system.

3. ECONOMICAL DUE to reduced energy consumption

Due to the precisely dosed gas mixture, the burner mouth of our burners remains up to 400 °C colder than with conventional burners. Since the burner mouth is usually embedded in the furnace wall, the hot burner mouth heats the furnace wall, not the process. The energy saved by the colder burner mouth is additionally available to the process.

4. HIGHFLEXIBLE due to high control range

The control range of a conventional burner depends on the flow velocity with which air and gas are mixed, the so-called mixing energy. If air and gas in conventional burners are reduced in the same ratio to each other, the flame will eventually go out, because air and gas are not sufficiently mixed due to the reduced mixing energy. The high number of our gas nozzles ensures that even at very low flow velocities, a combustible gas-air mixture is created and our burner does not extinguish.

5. WEAR RESISTANT DUE to reduced thermal load

Due to the precisely dosed gas mixture, the burner mouth of our burners remains up to 400 °C colder than with conventional burners. High temperatures lead to thermal wear of the hot components, especially the burner mouth. The reduced temperatures significantly increase the service life of our burners.

6. CUSTOM-MADE through customer-specific 3D metal printing

We optimize the mixing unit to your exact requirements using parameterized CAD models before printing. With an off-the-shelf series burner, for example, you can choose between 150 and 300 KW output. But what if your process requires 190 KW? Thanks to 3D printing, we can tailor the mixing unit exactly to your process at no extra cost. Thanks to our extremely small manufacturing tolerances of 30 µm (micrometers), we can, for example, make the gas nozzles much finer in size than would be possible conventionally with drilled gas nozzles.

7. PROVIDED by certified aerospace materials

The materials we use have been developed and certified for the aerospace industry. They have been used for several years in aircraft engines, power plant turbines and similarly loaded assemblies. The otherwise protracted field testing required for the introduction of new technologies has already been carried out by the aviation industry.

In addition to the 7 good reasons that all burners of the RooN series have in common, there is another argument that speaks for itself in this series: The burners can be operated without modification in systems with central recuperation with up to 600° air preheating, and this within the NOx values guaranteed by us. This is what we mean by future-proof.