Stationary SET

Welding electrode dryer and welding powder dryer

Portable and stationary devices in various sizes and designs.


  • Robust construction
  • High quality insulation
  • Drying temperature up to 400 °C
Schweißelektrodentrockner Schweißpulvertrockner SET 50

4 inserts with 5 separate welding rod compartments; makes storing of several types of electrodes easy and arranges them neatly. Holds up to 50 packages of welding rods. Dual wall enclosure and door, weil insulated. Temperature adjustable up to 400 °C. Thermostat, including indicator light. Inside and shelves made of stainless steel.
Surcharge for peripheral equipment.
Installation of a dial indicator thermometer, display range 0 °C – 400 °C in front door. Installation of an electronic control module in the switch cabinet for adjusting the drying and holding temperature whilst limiting the time of the drying temperature.

Schweißelektrodentrockner Schweißpulvertrockner SET 1

The air recirculating unit, series SETU/SPTU, guarantees the optimum drying of the welding electrodes or welding powder at with extreme temperature accuracy. The drying temperature is infinitely variable up to 400 °C. Preselection of drying and holding temperature optional. Special designs upon request.

Schweißelektroden-Lagerschrank SEL

• Type designation SEL
• External dimensions: Height: 1950 mm, Width 950 mm, Depth: 500 mm
• Storage capacity: max. 650 kg welding electrodes
• Cabinet housing made of sturdy steel plate construction
• 7 fixed inserts
• Double door with safety lock
• Painting: Pebble grey RAL 7032
• Temperature inside the cabinet maintained by electrical heating: – 30 °C
• Electrical connection 230 V, 50 Hz – 300 W

The welding electrode storage cabinet SEL is not intended for drying welding rods but for storing previously dried electrodes. For drying welding electrodes, we recommend our welding electrode dryer, series SET or SETU.

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