Stadtwerke Bochum and Gelsenwasser acquire stakes in Kueppers Solutions

Innovative mechanical engineer develops components for 3D printing processes

Stadtwerke Bochum and GELSENWASSER have acquired stakes in Kueppers Solutions, a mechanical engineering company based in Gelsenkirchen. Both companies subscribed a share of 12.45 percent each in the company, which is active in the production and marketing of industrial burner systems, heating systems and heating systems. Kueppers Solutions is currently developing components for an industrial gas burner in an innovative 3D printing project with the aim of significantly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and fuel consumption.

“Kueppers Solutions is a start-up with a highly innovative character and a solid core business. The investment in a company that manufactures innovative gas burners is a good fit for expanding our energy services and heat contracting,” explains Frank Thiel, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bochum, at the conclusion of the transaction.

“Kueppers Solutions is investing in a technology that reduces pollutants, saves energy and contributes to the so-called heat revolution. The special importance of natural gas as an energy source for climate protection and energy efficiency becomes clear”, emphasises Henning Deters, Chairman of the Executive Board of GELSENWASSER.

“3D printing is trend-setting and will also establish itself in many private and industrial sectors in the future. The first test results and market approaches for our innovation project were successful, with the Stadtwerke Bochum and GELSENWASSER we now have two further strong partners at our side”, Jens te Kaat, Managing Director of Kueppers Solutions, is pleased to report.

The company Kueppers Solutions was originally formed from the Küppersbusch company in Gelsenkirchen and essentially looks after the Küppersbusch burner division, which was founded in 1875. The Heat Technology Division, which specialises in high-performance burners, was established in 1946. In December 2016 our company Kueppers Solutions GmbH emerged from this specialist area, which was taken over by the current shareholders as a start-up. We look after around 10,000 systems in the market.

Benedikt Kummer (shareholder), Robert Peric (Stadtwerke Bochum), Frank Thiel (Managing Director Stadtwerke Bochum), Anke Sommerfeld (Stadtwerke Bochum), Jens te Kaat (Managing Director Kueppers Solutions) as well as Kathrin Kavulok and Dirk Wesseling (both investment management GELSENWASSER) signed the investment contracts.