Nozzle Mix Burner KBK

Industriebrenner Kreuzstrombrenner KBK

The nozzle mix burner KBK is a gas burner which can be used in all sectors of the industry, for ex., for the heating of all kinds of driers, for thermic afterburning facilities, circulating systems, tempering furnaces and many kinds of industrial processing engineering. The burner can be used in combustion chambers with underpressure or overpressure. The condition for it is that the air pressure and the gas pressure must be adapted to operating conditions. All commercial refined gases like city gas, longdistance gas, natural gas and LPG gas as weil as mixtures of those can be burnt with air.

The burner, on the basis of its solid and compact type of construction, has a simple maintenance and is adjustable individually. The gas and air combustion are separately supplied to the burner nozzle (no premixed burner, thereby perfect safety against back firing). Due to the installed heavyduty mixer head, a high intermixture of gas and air is achieved in a range of regulation of 40: 1 in all intermediate positions. Thereby, a perfect combustion over the total range of capacity is given. Equipment of the burner can be weil adapted to the existing plant conditions . A manual, semiautomatic or fully automatic operation is possible.

lgnition by means of hightension ignition spark or of pilot burner, fuse protection by ionisation electrode or by UV diode combined with an electronic modulator unit. 0wing to the high range of regulation, the burner is very suitable for a continuous regulation, but can also be regulated with “max. – min. – oft” or “on – off”. We can deliver switching cabinets and regulating cabinets, which contain all the components belonging to the controller actions (required for operation) and are ready to be connected. The assemblage and the construction of this burner will be fixed, depending on the required efficiency and on your needs.

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