Ionisation burner ZRB 70

Industriebrenner Ionisationsbrenner ZRB 70

The ionization burner ZRB 70 KBK is a burner with low output which is used in all areas of industry, e.g. as a pilot burner for burners with high output or as a separate burner for heating all types of dryers, thermal afterburning equipment and other process plants where a burner with low output of approx. 3 to 80 kW and a large control range is required. The burner can be used in combustion chambers with positive or negative pressure, provided that the air and gas pressure is adapted to the respective operating conditions.

All commercially available, cleaned gases such as town gas, district gas, natural gas and liquid gas as well as their mixtures with air can be burned.
Due to its robust and compact design, the burner is very easy to maintain and can be individually adapted.

The gas and the combustion air are fed separately up to the burner nozzle (no premix burner – thus absolute safety against flame backstroke).

The built-in high-performance mixing head ensures intensive mixing of gas and air, even with a control range of up to 25:1, in all intermediate positions. This ensures perfect combustion over the entire output range. The burner equipment can be precisely adapted to the required operating conditions. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation is possible. Ignition is effected directly by high-voltage sparks and protection by an ionisation electrode in conjunction with an electronic control unit. Due to the large control range, the burner is particularly suitable for continuous control. However, it can also be controlled “Large – Small – Off” or “On – Off”. Switch and control cabinets in which all parts belonging to the control types mentioned are installed ready for connection can be supplied.

The composition and dimensional design of these burners is determined by the required output and the conditions of your application. Please provide detailed information.

Industriebrenner Ionisationsbrenner Datenblatt 2

From a length of the torch mouth of 500 mm, additional electrodes are used for extension (a+b’).

Industriebrenner Ionisationsbrenner Datenblatt